and bottled
in Zermatt

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For centuries the production of beer hasn’t changed. We also brew our beer the same way as generations did before us. Fine and aromatic varieties of hops as well as special and chosen malts are the most important ingredients in this process.

Our brewmaster even reveals a bit more: we brew with the purest spring water from the Zermatt Alps. Once the brew is cooled off and mixed with yeast the beer ferments at cool temperature for about a week. After that it spends another four to six weeks in storage tanks until it develops the right alcohol and carbon dioxide content. Then the ready to drink beer is bottled – naturally, right here in Zermatt.

«Beer culture at the base of the Matterhorn»
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at its highest level


Our brewery installation made by the Kaspar Schulz Co. in Bamberg (Germany) is considered one of the most modern systems on the market today. Our brew house has a capacity of 10hl per brew, the fermentation and storage tanks have a capacity of 200hl.

Technology is well and good but the experience of our brewmaster counts at least twice of that! The combination of knowhow and technology enables an optimum storage and ripening process. This is important for the optimal fermentation of alcohol content and carbon dioxide. After storage the Zermatt Beer is filled into bottle with the fully automatic filling system.

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The biological waste that is generated during the brewing process does not go in the compost also, instead it goes to the village baker, butcher and dairy: with the malt spent grains (malt residue) we make spent grain bread, sausage and cheese. This is a true insider’s tip for anyone who truly enjoys local specialties!

Spent grain bread is manufactured in cooperation with bakeries «Binär» and «Fuchs». The «Matterhorn Fleisch AG» produces spent grain «Bratwurst» and «Hauswurst».